I have never been a writer, just never have had that eloquence with words that some people are gifted with. So, because of that I have struggled with maintaining a blog over the last 12 years that I have been in business. When I updated the Red Heels Events website a few months ago I decided to just forget about the blog altogether but recently I have had this feeling that I needed to revive it and not just for pretty posts about Real Weddings but to dive deeper into the event that is planning a wedding. Posting Real Weddings is easy because I can fill each post with gorgeous pictures from amazing photographers but I want to do more than that. I want to share the knowledge that over a decade in the industry has given me to hopefully help those planning events to feel less overwhelmed and frustrated. 

My grammar, punctuation and all that jazz may not be right on point but the information will be and that's what really counts, right? You will get to know me, as a planner and a person, through my words. So, with all of that being it goes.