There are countless reasons why you would or should hire a wedding or event planner. In my previous posts, I have mentioned a few of those reasons: 

  • Assisting you with pulling your ideas together
  • Helping to find the perfect vendors for your budget and style
  • Being onsite for out of town couples
  • Developing designs, time lines and budgets
  • Taking the stress out of planning so you and your family can relax!

Wedding Planners wear a lot of different hats to provide these services for you.....such as:

Adviser: Planners are there to listen to your questions and concerns throughout the planning process and give you professional advice. Using their knowledge and experience, a good planner will guide you in the right direction based on your budget and style. Planners can also assist with budget management by helping you create your ideal budget breakdown and helping you track your spending to limit any overages.

Consultant: Wedding Planners have large networks of vendors. They can recommend quality vendors that they know and trust, saving you hours of research and meetings. Most wedding planners offer services from hourly consultations to full planning assistance. So even if you are planning the majority of your wedding yourself, a planner can help get you started with a consultation to create a plan of attack for you. 

Designer: Planners can also act as Designers by helping you pull together the overall look and feel for the day. Starting by getting to know you and your personal style, coming up with a color palette and then creating an inspiration board for all of the important design aspects of the day. A designer will then assist you by pulling together all of those aspects such as linens, flowers, place settings, paper products, table shapes, chairs, etc.  

Mediator: Wedding stress can effect not only the couple but also their families. A wedding planner is a third person that can offer a knowledgeable position to keep everyone from getting overwhelmed. If any issues arise between the clients and a venue or vendor a planner can act as a mediator to resolve those concerns. 

Coordinator:  Event planners will work with you to create your event time lines, room layouts and assist you with creating the overall flow and feel of your event from beginning to end. On the big day, a planner’s job is to run all of the logistics from behind the scenes and fix any problems that arise, before you or your guests know anything was wrong. Planners keep everything and everyone on schedule, both during the planning process and on the day of the event. Having a planner running the time line will ensure you have the time you need to get all the amazing photos you want too! Along with coordinating the schedule, a planner can act as your vendor liaison, directing and guiding your vendors as they arrive on site and answering any questions they may have. A planner/coordinator will assist with setting up your decor to ensure the design you worked so hard on will be brought into reality.

Gofor: A planner can relieve some stress by running errands both during the planning process but also on the day of. If anything is forgotten or an emergency pops up, a planner can (hopefully) handle it for you. 

Friend: Sometimes, in all of the chaos and stress that wedding planning can bring, all you need is a friend. Someone that will listen to you when you need to vent, give you a hug when you are feeling overwhelmed and reassure you that everything will work out fine and reminding you about the real reason for the day. 

Other hats we occasionally wear? Babysitter, bus boy, buffet re-filler, bartender, seamstress, lint roll administrator (see pic), garbage changer, cake cutter/server, photography assistant, dress bustler, florist, marriage license witness, furniture mover, candle lighter, taxi driver, server, MC, and on and on.

While these are not things that we are usually contracted for it is always our goal to make your day perfect so we will do whatever it takes to make that happen!!  What hat can we wear for you?